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High School Programs for Career Exploration

Many high schools have programs that help you prepare for your post-high school plans while simultaneously completing your graduation requirements. Here are several popular options:

Community Service

One good way to explore a career field is through community service. Some high schools have a community service graduation requirement or elective. Fulfilling this requirement is an opportunity to explore areas of interest to you.

Work Experience Education (WEE)

Many high schools let you choose your elective units through work experience programs. This is a great opportunity to explore your interests while experiencing the world of work.

Career Technical Education (CTE)

Most school districts have CTE programs. These programs offer specialized career-technical training to high school students. Courses are located at special centers, high schools, and community colleges. CTE is a good way to experiment with different careers and learn valuable skills.

Community College/High School Articulation Programs

Certain high school classes, especially those with CTE content might qualify for credit at the community college level.

Adult Education

There may be career and technical education classes or programs that you may be able to access as a high school student. Additionally, they may qualify for certifications and/or high school or community college credits.

Check out your school’s website or talk to your counselor to see if your prospective high school offers these types of programs.