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Introduction to the Student Account Dashboard

The new California Career Center Student Account Dashboard enables students with California Career Center and My Stuff Job Central student accounts to keep all their documents in one place and share them with others for review and feedback.

This overview is intended to help you learn about the Student Dashboard and how to review and comment on student work.

We suggest you start by creating California Career Center and My Stuff Job Central student accounts, so you can see what is available to your students. You will also become familiar with the process for completing work. In order to provide feedback, you must be logged into a California Career Center Educator Account (currently called the Lesson Plan Creator account). 

  1. Recommendation: Establish a student account on the Career Center and Job Central websites, then create sample documents to familiarize yourself with the tools.

  2. Requirement: Establish a Career Center Educator account.

  3. To review student work:

    1. Student will email a Dashboard link and password to the Educator
    2. Educator enters Dashboard link in the web browser address bar
    3. Educator enters password in the provided password box
    4. Student work is now available for review and feedback

Note: If the Dashboard link and password are entered without being signed into a Career Center Educator account, the student work can be viewed but the feedback option will not be available.