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California Career Center Dashboard

The Dashboard puts California Career Center and My Stuff Job Central student work in one place and lets students e-share their work with others for review and feedback. Students can create, revise, and save high school and career plans, resumes, job-search letters, career exploration and planning activities.

In order for students to use a Career Center student account Dashboard, they must create Career Center and Job Central accounts. Detailed instructions for students are imbedded in the Dashboard.

To View Student Work and Provide Feedback

  1. Ask the student to email their Dashboard link and password to you.

  2. Sign in to your Educator account.

  3. Open the student email and select the Dashboard link.
    • A web browser window will open to a page titled “Dashboard Link Password”.

  4. Enter the Dashboard link password.
    • If there is no password with the link in the email, select the “enter” key to move forward.

  5. The activities the student shared are on the Dashboard. Select to view.
    • If an activity you assigned is not there, ask the student to share it.
    • You can use the same link multiple times so you can choose to not have the student repeatedly send the link. Refresh the dashboard page you have and the new work will be there.

  6. Write your feedback in the “comment” box.

  7. Select “Send Comment”. Your student will receive your comments in their student account.

Create your own student account on the Career Center and Job Central websites and do an activity or two to familiarize yourself with the tools.