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Social Media and Career Success

Social media is increasingly becoming a way that job seekers can look for work and employers can evaluate perspective employees.

Think about Managing Your Online Reputation from a career perspective using these tips from Princeton University Career Services:

1. Remember, what you post online becomes public information. It is no longer under your control.

2. Be strategic about what you share with the world. Consider the long term.

3. Think before you post: Today's rant, practical joke, or flame may come back to haunt you.

4. Think before you post: Your private video, photo, or Snapchat may go public.

5. Regularly review your contacts, circles, friends and followers. They may not be your BFFs.

6. Understand your privacy settings and terms of service. Service providers often change terms.

7. Monitor your name online. Google yourself and set alerts to avoid surprises.

8. Protect your online reputation and create your personal brand. Your future will thank you.

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