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California Career Center User's Guide

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My Stuff is where you save your High School Plan, Career Action Plan, and critical discoveries you make on your journey through the site.

Middle and High School information helps you plan your school years so you have a path to the future you want to achieve.

Career Options is where you can begin creating your personal Career Action Plan. Identify your interests and abilities and see how they impact your goals and plans.

Getting a Job is where you’ll find help no matter what kind of job you’re looking for, whether it’s a part-time job during school or your life-long dream job.

Education and Training outlines your full range of post-high schools options.

Challenges resources for your career journey are for you if you face various challenges from disabilities to homelessness.

Money Management has the basics of financial literacy and ideas on paying for training and college.

Videos provides links to a wide range of videos that show people talking about or engaged in their careers.