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Applying to College

Begin the college application process by checking with the specific college(s) you are interested in to be clear exactly what each school requires. Use the following links to apply to the different California colleges and universities:

California Community Colleges (CCC)
CCC Apply is your online gateway to California's 112 community colleges.

California State University (CSU)
Cal State Apply lets you explore and apply to one or several of the 23 state universities.

University Of California (UC)
UC Admissions lets you explore and apply to one or several of the 9 UC campuses.

Community of Independent Institutions
The Common Application is the easiest way to apply to more than 700 independent colleges and universities.

California College Guidance Initiative (CCGI) 
The CCGI website,, helps students track their progress for completing the CSU and UC a-g requirements and apply to California public colleges.

Typical application elements

  • Application
  • Essay
  • Exam scores
  • Transcripts

Applications must be complete before you will be considered for admission. Make sure yours are by tracking each one using the Career Center College Application Tracking Chart [PDF].

Things that can stall an application

  • Not reading all the instructions
  • Failing to check the program requirements
  • Waiting until the last minute to submit
  • Depending on spell checkers
  • Hitting “submit” without proofreading
  • Asking the Admissions Office for information easily found online

Admissions tip

You—not your parents—need to keep in contact with the admissions counselor. Be sure to regularly check your e-mail—this is your link to the Admissions Office.