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Exploring College Majors

In college—though you don’t have to know as soon as you enter—you will have to choose a major. A major is a subject or field of study that represents your main interests. Your major is the foundation of your degree and it influences many of your college experiences.

Majors are important and choosing one can be difficult because there are no set rules. There is no right or wrong major. Few career paths require one specific major. Different majors will work for the same career path. However, for certain career paths, some majors are better suited than others.

Unless you plan on pursuing a career that requires specific technical skills, for example computer aided engineering engineer (CAE Engineer), you are free to choose any major that interests you.

Using California Career Zone, you can explore majors by industry clusters such as architecture and engineering, management, and health care, etc.

"What can I do with a major in…" was developed by the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, but is useful for anyone trying to link a major with job titles; you'll also find job, internship, and industry information links.

Search for majors that interest you, or explore all the majors at the UC and CSU campuses.

If you are thinking about becoming a doctor, research physician, or a biomedical scientist, the Association of American Medical Colleges website can help you explore these options.