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Attending College

In order to attend college after high school, you will need to determine the specific requirements for schools you hope to attend. Entrance requirements differ from school to school so make sure you have the right information by checking each school’s website or using the California Colleges website. And if you plan to attend a California State University or University of California campus, you’ll need to meet California’s A-G course requirements.

Once you know what courses are required, find out about college entrance exams. Some schools prefer students take the SAT and some schools prefer students take the ACT. Check the schools you’re interested in to see if they have a preference.

Elite universities generally require the same number of courses but also expect students to take higher level courses, such as an Honors English course.

Meeting the requirements does not guarantee your admission but you have to meet the school’s entrance requirements before they will consider your application. 

Keep in mind your Grade Point Average may make the difference whether you are admitted to your most desired school or not.

Track what you need to do to get into the college of your choice by using a checklist. You can use the College Planning Checklists to help you get started.

Remember: Before you begin exploring college entrance requirements, be sure you’ll meet your district’s and the state’s high school graduation requirements.