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"A—G" Courses Required by California Public University Systems

If you want to be admitted to a California public college as a freshman, you’ll have to meet your high school graduation requirements and the colleges’ admission requirements. 

The college requirements are call the “A to G subject requirements”, usually just called A–G. You have to get at least a “C” in each A–G class or it won’t count. 

A–G subject requirements and California’s high school minimum graduation requirements are: 

 Subject Area State minimum (Years) UC (Years)* CSU (Years)*
 A History/Social Science 3 2 2
 B English (Language/Arts) 3 4 4
 C Mathematics 2 3 (4) 3 (4)
 D Science
2 2 (3) 2 (with labs)
 E Language other than English 1 2 (3) 2
 F Visual & Performing Arts 1 1 1
 G College Prep Elective 0 1 1
      Physical Education 2 0 0












*(#) Years recommended.

You can identify certified A–G courses to take and also get college admission information from:

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