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Labor Market Information

Labor Market Information (LMI) is one of the terms you’ll come across while exploring careers and looking for jobs. LMI is data, statistics, and research about the workplace including salary, demand for, and supply of labor.

The California Employment Development Department Labor Market Information for Job Seekers and Students webpage provides job search tools and resume tips, information about jobs that are in, or will be in, high demand. It also enables users to explore local jobs with the Occupation Profile tool.

LMI can tell you which occupations are fast growing, which have the most job openings, and which are fast growing and have the most job openings:

  • "Fastest Growing Occupations" are jobs with the largest percentage change but may have a small number of new jobs.

  • "Occupations with the Most Job Openings" are jobs with the largest number of actual openings from new jobs and retiring workers.

It’s important to understand the difference because an occupation that employs few workers may be listed as one of the “fastest growing occupations” but the actual number of jobs expected to be available is small. An occupation that is fast growing and has many job openings will provide the most opportunities for employment.

A great resource for exploring fastest growing occupations, occupations with the most openings, occupations with the largest employment, and occupations with declining employment is Career One-Stop's page, “What’s Hot.”