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College-related Accommodations

California college and university websites have information about support services for students with special needs. You can find these services on their Student Services and Students with Disabilities pages. Some services are identified on the websites for California’s three public college systems:

Accommodations are supports and services available to students with special needs. Use this Getting Accommodations at College [PDF] tip sheet to learn about different types of accommodations you may be able to access to add to your college-success toolbox.

College Testing

California public colleges and universities no longer use entrance exam scores in making admissions decisions. You do not need to take an entrance exam to apply to California public colleges.

However, these exams are still useful and can fulfill minimum requirements and help with course placement. When you find a test you want to take, ask the testing agency what accommodations are available and what paperwork you need to submit to get accommodations.

Applying for Accommodations at the College Board
Details regarding requests for testing accommodations.

California State University Services to Students with Disabilities
Policies, Resources, and a listing of CSU Disabled Student Services Centers.

School District Resources

You are encouraged to investigate and use public resources before paying for private educational services. For information on public resources, start with your school and school district. Talk with your school counselor, psychologist, nurse, speech and language therapist, teachers, and/or the district director of pupil services/special education for recommendations (you can get this information from your school district's website).