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Special Education

Do you have an active Individualized Education Program (IEP) or a Section 504 designation? You are entitled to services that will assist you with your education and, in many cases, career and college planning. The following resources may provide additional information for your pathway to success.

College Support Services

California college and university websites have information about support services for students with special needs. You can find these services on their Student Services and Students with Disabilities pages. Some services are identified on the websites for California’s three public college systems:

  1. California Community Colleges - Student Services Units & Programs
  2. California State University - Student Academic Support
  3. University of California - Services for Students with Disabilities Directors

Accommodations are supports and services available to students with special needs. Use this Getting Accommodations at College [PDF] tip sheet to learn about different types of accommodations you may be able to access to increase your success in college.

College Testing

The ACT seek to serve students with special needs by providing special accommodations during testing. These special accommodations may range from giving extended time, frequent breaks, and multiple day tests, providing large print or Braille documents, to giving verbal directions. Check the ACT and SAT websites for specific information and guidelines.

School District Resources

You are encouraged to investigate and use public resources before paying for private educational services including schools. Start your search for the appropriate program and services with your local school district and school. Talk with your school counselor, school psychologist, school nurse, speech and language therapist, special education teacher, and/or the district director of pupil services/special education for recommendations.