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Quick Guide to Exploring Career Options

What occupations might be a good fit for my child?

For a guide to career awareness and exploration, check out the Parent Handbooks page.

California CareerZone has four easy to use assessment tools that enable students to link themselves to possible occupations:

Nine hundred occupational profiles can be explored by completing up to four assessments or by using Explore Industry Sectors or Search Occupations options. The Parent Guide can help you get started.

Make Money Choices
Making Money Choices enables students to create a budget for living an adult lifestyle, asks them what level of education they anticipate completing, and then allows them to explore occupations that will provide the salary needed to cover their cost of living.  

Roadtrip Nation Series Curriculum
Roadtrip Nation’s Series Curriculum serves as way to create meaningful conversations between you and your students. The guides in this curriculum follow each episode of the public television series Roadtrip Nation, which correspond to a specific theme (e.g., fear, risk, confidence). Guides also include engaging questions to help students define their own Roads in life.