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High School Graduation Requirements

To graduate from a California public high school, you must meet two sets of graduation requirements—state and local requirements. California sets minimum graduation requirements and local school districts add their own set of requirements.

Local Requirements

Local graduation requirements are probably posted on your high school website. If they’re not, check your school district’s website. Find your district's website using the California School Directory.

Use your district’s graduation plan worksheet (look on your school or district website) to be sure you’re meeting the requirements. If they don’t have one, use the California Program of Study [DOC] [PDF] worksheet. 

California State Requirements

For the state requirements, you'll have to take:

  • English (3)*
  • Mathematics (2)*
  • Science (2)*
  • Social Science (3)*
  • Visual and Performing Arts, Foreign Language, or Career Technical Education (1)*
  • Physical Education (2)*
  • Other coursework adopted by the local school district

*Number of years you have to take

Colleges and Universities

 If you think you might want to go to a California State University or University of California, make sure your graduation plan includes the college A–G requirements. For details, go to  A–G Courses Required by California Public University Systems.

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