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Transferring from a California Community College

If you are considering transferring to a CSU, UC, or other four-year institution after community college, start working closely with your community college counselor to create plan as soon as you are admitted.

The California Community Colleges have transfer agreements with both CSU and UC systems which make it easier for students to transfer from the community college into these four-year colleges and universities.

The CSU’s new website, Associate Degree for Transfer, can get you started on the road to earning your bachelor’s degree.

The California Community Colleges Pathway to a CSU Degree can help you create a course plan that meets transfer requirements.

The most critical thing to do is to verify the transfer requirements of the college you plan to attend. After you’ve done this, check your course plan to be sure you will meet all requirements specific to the college you plan to attend. You can verify your college’s transfer requirements by:

  • looking at that college’s catalog
  • contacting that college’s admission officers
  • using UC's ASSIST, an online tool to help you find transfer information for California public two-year and four-year institutions.

There are seven UC campuses that offer guaranteed admission to California community college students. To qualify, you’ll need to participate in UC’s Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) program.