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Job Applications

In addition to the resume and cover letter, your job application is one of the first impressions your potential employer will have of you.

A Master Job Application

Make a Master Job Application so you're ready to fill in any application at a moments notice. A Master Job Application:

  • Eliminates hunting down and recreating your information each time you need it. 
  • Makes it easy to customize your job applications.
  • Lets you copy/paste your information into online application forms.
  • Lets you complete any job application, anywhere, at any time.

Use the My Stuff Job Central web and/or mobile app to develop your Master Job Application. Or, you can start with a paper copy, Master Job App Template & Instructions (PDF).

Completing Job Applications

Use these strategies to create a job application that’ll make a good impression.

Before Filling It Out

  • Read the entire application.
  • Identify the job requirements—read the job announcement or description.
  • Identify the skills and qualifications the employer is looking for—read the job announcement or description.
  • Describe your skills, qualifications, and experiences using some of the keywords or phrases from the job announcement or description.

Filling It Out

  • Answer ALL questions. If a question doesn't apply to you, write N/A (not applicable).
  • List skills and qualifications related to the job you’re applying for.
  • For difficult questions, use a separate sheet of paper to draft an answer.
  • If you’re completing a job application on paper, use a black-ink pen and print clearly.

After Filling It Out

  • Proofread your application: fix spelling and grammar errors. Applications with errors are tossed out.
  • If you’re sending a résumé, make sure the information in it doesn’t contradict the information in your job application.

Example of a typical Job Application (PDF).