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Networking for Success

One of the most successful ways to find a new job is using a job search network. And networking is an essential component for career success.

Business networks are a collection of people or organizations designed to cooperate with each other to work together, share ideas, and opportunities. Building a network takes getting to know people, helping them, and letting them help you.

Begin building your network by reaching out to people you already know. For example:

• Classmates
• Friends and neighbors
• School groups: student government, choir, debate/speech
• Members of clubs: Health club, sports teams, hiking club
• Former employers, including supervisors and co-workers
• Service organizations: Rotary, Kiwanis
• Volunteer associations: Past and present

Expand your network by making new contacts through professional associations. A professional association is a collection of people that supports the interests of their profession and people in that profession.

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