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Finding Your First Job

You may want to get a job but aren’t sure where and how to begin. There are a lot of ways and resources you can use when looking for jobs.

Job Searching Methods

There are many methods used in job searching and the more methods you use, the better your chances of finding a job you’ll like.

Methods include:

  • Network—Tell everyone you’re looking for a job
  • School’s Career Center or Work Experience Office
  • Company Websites
  • Online Job Boards
  • In Person
  • Help Wanted ads
  • Job/Career Fairs
  • America's Job Centers of California
  • Volunteer 
  • Call Companies (phone numbers are on the company websites and/or look them up in professional associations)

Succeed by…

  • Organizing your job search! (Use Find and Get the Right Job [PDF])
  • Applying for lots of jobs
  • Starting your job hunt close to home
  • Checking out companies that hire young people
  • Checking out California's work permit rules
  • Looking for jobs that work around your class schedule

Making your first job something related to the career area you're interested in can help you decide whether or not you want to pursue that career.