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Why Investigate the World of Work?

There are lots of reasons to spent time investigating the world of work but the most important is to determine what occupations and jobs best match your personality, values, skills, and interests. You could comb through the “want ads” in the newspaper, but then you’d be basing your career on the employer’s needs. To get a job that meets your needs, you have to be proactive. You need to look for a job that fits you.

By investigating the world of work, you’ll learn about the hiring process from the perspective of the employer. You may be surprised when you find employers’ concerns are quite different from your own. Understanding the employer’s concerns will make you a more competitive job candidate. In the interview, for example, if you know the employer is concerned about regular attendance, you can give them an example that shows them you are reliable.

There are several other important reasons to investigate the world of work:

  • You'll obtain realistic and accurate information about different occupations.

  • You’ll have an idea of what educational classes and training to pursue.

  • You’ll learn about the “hidden” job market—jobs that are available but have not been advertised.

  • You’ll learn how and where to apply for jobs.

  • You’ll gain confidence by becoming familiar with the language and concerns of the world of work—an important quality in any job search.

  • You’ll identify work industries that interest you and can use your skills.

  • You’ll learn about recent job trends, the fastest-growing job markets, and other information that can affect your career planning.

  • You’ll make numerous contacts and when you’re ready to look for work, you’ll know who to call.