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Work Experience Education

Work Experience Education Programs (WEE) are the links between your classrooms and the world of work. These programs use the community’s business and industrial complex as a career training laboratory. You can learn or enhance skills, assess your capabilities while employed, or explore careers by watching occupations in action. 

If you wish to enroll in a Work Experience Education Program, see a counselor or work experience coordinator. Work Experience Education Programs include:

Exploratory Work Experience Education (EWEE) is where students can gauge their interest and suitability for occupations through opportunities to observe and sample a variety of occupations. It is non-paid. Exploratory Work Experience Education includes a combination of job observations and related classroom instruction. While exploring an occupation, students may be required to perform nonpaid work on a limited and sampling basis. An employer or supervisor may teach production or other skills. The length of an assignment varies according to the aptitude of the student, the occupation being explored, the facilities of the work station, and the job classification. Students in Exploratory Work Experience Education may be less than 16 years of age.

General Work Experience Education (GWEE) is an instructional course whose focus is the application of basic skills of reading, writing, and computation. Students acquire general and specific occupational skills through a combination of supervised paid employment and related classroom instruction.

Career Technical Work Experience Education (CTWEE) reinforces and extends vocational learning opportunities through a combination of related classroom instruction and supervised paid employment in the occupation for which their course of study prepares them.