Your Virtual Counselor! Dream Big, Set Goals, Take Action!
The California Career Center. Dream Big, Set Goals, Take Action!

Where Do You Want to be in Five Years?

Life—and career planning—doesn’t unfold in a straight line. Uncertainty and change will impact your plan so try to make your plan flexible so you can easily change directions.

Make your plans with the best information you have now but flexible and pay attention to unexpected opportunities when they come your way.

You need a goal to start—even if it’s a temporary goal, you have to have a place to start. For now, start with an occupational goal.

Go to the California CareerZone and identify occupations you think you’d like. Start with the California CareerZone Quick Assessment to find occupations that match your interests.

When you find one, look at its profile to learn about it, including what things you’ll need to know and be able to do to be successful in the occupation.

Look to see what preparation is typically required to enter the occupation you like. Explore the Education and Training options available to prepare you for entering that occupation.

Review occupations until you find one to serve as your initial occupational goal and begin planning how to reach that goal.