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U.S. Armed Forces Service Academies

These federal academies provide the undergraduate education and training for commissioned officers of the United States Armed Forces. They look for students with good grades, and participation in athletics is a big plus since you have to be physically fit to join the military.

There are five academies to consider attending:

Majors are available in many fields of study. Graduates of these institutions have a service obligation upon graduation and receive a commission as an ensign in the Navy or Coast Guard or second lieutenant in the Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps. Tuition, board and room, and medical and dental care are free of charge and students also receive a small monthly salary.

The service academies are very selective and have many admissions requirements. Interested students should apply during their junior year for consideration. 

If you are in middle school and think you might be interested in going to one of these academies, you need to get on track right now.