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Job Search Tools

Cover Letters
Tools for developing cover letters are highlighted on this site.

Job Shadowing
This site allows you to shadow real people’s jobs online.

CyberSafe Resume
Learn how to create a resume to protect your privacy and identity.

Prepare Your Resume for E-mail and Online Posting
Learn the best way to format and deliver your resume.

Job Searching
Learn more about job readiness, college preparation, and career exploration.

This site provides high school and college students with the fundamentals of safety in the workplace including OSHA certification.

Quintessential Careers—Job and Career Resources
This website provides numerous resources on how to find jobs.

Riley Guide
This is one of the most comprehensive gateway job sites on the web including how to search for a job, resumes, cover letters, targeting employers and locations, networking, interviewing, negotiating salary, and salary guidance.

Work Permits
The California Department of Education provides frequently asked questions with answers about work permits on this site.

Job Banks

America’s Job Bank
This government sponsored site provides access to job openings throughout the United States.

California One-Stop Career Centers
This locator will direct you to the closest One-Stop Career Center by you.

This global site is the biggest Internet job search engine on the web.

Overseas Jobs
This site offers leads for jobs around the world by location and by industry.