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The California Career Center. Dream Big, Set Goals, Take Action!


This section features videos about the California Career Center, the Career Surfer mobile app, and career-related topics. 

Introduction to the California Career Center 
Take a tour of the California Career Center to see all it has to offer.

California Career Center My Stuff Student Accounts
Learn how a My Stuff student account can help your career exploration and planning.

California Career Center Career Action Plan
Explore what it takes to develop your own Career Action Plan.

Career Surfer mobile application
Discover how to begin your career journey on your phone.

CareerOneStop Video Collection
These videos, from the Center for Occupational Employment Information, provide information about careers, career clusters, industries, work options, and abilities.

Next Vista For Learning Career Videos has a free, online collection of short, mostly student-made, career videos for learners everywhere. Includes NASA Engineer, chef, fire fighter, president of a technology start-up, and more.

Gigniks...Invent Yourself
Videos of people with interesting jobs in entertainment, science, technology, healthcare, business, entrepreneurial, green jobs, and government. All videos are shot and edited by super-talented L.A. high school students working with Gigniks.

Youth@Work: Teen talk on sexual harassment at work (3:46)
Armed with a video camera, two Bay Area high school seniors interview other teens at work, on the street, and at school about tackling workplace harassment and discrimination.

Is Your Daughter Safe At Work?
Investigation of teen sexual harassment in the workplace on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).

Dewey Bozella story: From prison cell to professional boxer (11:30)
Falsely accused prisoner Dewey Bozella earns the 2011 Arthur Ashe Award for his courage to never give up.

Roadtrip Nation: Define Your Own Road in Life
Hear people who do work they love describe how they got there.

Skills to Pay the Bills (USDOL)
Videos highlighting how learning employability skills can lead to workplace success.

Your Life, Your Money (4:00)
Learn tips for making money and keeping it.